“Recently Anna came to our church and LIVED out her testimony. Anna is a young lady who has taken devastating circumstances and with God’s help has turned them into opportunities. Instead of hiding from the reality of her condition, she sees her situation as a special gift others don’t have. She has taken a step many young people still need to make. Many commented at our church over the blessing and challenge it was to have Anna with us. We realized very strongly we have nothing to complain about but rather God has created us the way we are for His honor and glory. If you have not heard (seen) Anna’s testimony I encourage you to find a way to get acquainted with her. She is awesome!”

 Pastor Paul, Interim Pastor for South Boston Bible Church, 2013

“Ana, I met a woman yesterday while waiting for something to take to a close friend’s mother’s funeral. As we talked, we talked about local churches. And she told me that she had once gone to Alton with her two children. The experience had been amazing, and the three of them talked about it over lunch. How her daughter’s life had been changed. The amazing experience at Alton that Sunday was you giving your testimony. Thank you for sharing your faith and love of God.” 


“Ana will steal your heart and at the same time convince you that God, who is good, has a plan for your life. She is a precious blessing and I urge you to let her share with your group, you will be blessed, challenged and moved by God’s grace. She is an inspiration, but more than that, a child of God who powerfully shares the love of God.”

 Rev. Ken Ford, Alton Bible Church