My Story

“Somehow my walking around without legs, smiling in spite of my challenges, inspires people to trust God in their own circumstances. And I’m cool with that!!” –from my “Trusting God With the Results of Your Life” speech.

Ana Baby Hair 001My name is Ana Zuidema (pronounced Ah-nah Zy-deh-muh) and God’s plan and purpose for my life included creating me perfectly according to His will with no forearms, some rather unique hands, and no legs. I do, however, have quirkly little feet named Special and Precious. Special is on the right.  Precious is very shy, and doesn’t like being touched…especially by doctors and my mother  (They’re about the only ones who try.)

After I was born, I was left in an orphanage in a poor Muslim country up until I was almost three. But God, in His Cutie Pattootie 001faithfulness, used my leglessness to save me from my circumstances and from my sin. A Christian American family adopted me and brought me up for the Lord.  I gave my life to Christ at the age of about seven or eight. Later on, however, I started to struggle with God, and started to pull away from Him. About every week God would ask me if I was going to surrender my life back to Him. I kept pushing Him away and telling Him, “I’m gonna do my own thing and then I’ll do what you want.” But I couldn’t find peace in any human relationship.  Finally, one night He brought me to a point where My familyI realized I couldn’t go on anymore on my own strength. I needed him. I knew that the only way to find peace was to return to God. So that night I responded, “OK, God. I give.” I recommitted my life back to Jesus Christ. Since then I’ve grown in my faith. I give God all the credit for that! (Thanks, God!)  He helped me to realize my leglessness was an opportunity to bring Him glory.  And apparently, in His amazing sovereignty, He has chosen to save others through my leglessness. I am humbled and He is just so amazing.  I have no idea why He chose me, but I am literally eternally thankful that He did, leglessness and all.

Now, it is my heart’s delight to tell others that they can trust in His goodness and His plan and purpose for their life too.  By the grace of God, I get to go around places sharing my testimony. I’d love to come to your church, school, special event or home and tell you that you can trust God in what He has allowed in your life too, because God has everything under control and He is drawing you close to Himself.  There is no better place to be.

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