Q. Do you have a Speaker’s Fee?

A. I do not have a speaker’s fee because God has been gracious enough by providing for me financially. 

 Q. Do you need a table or chair to sit on so that people can see you?

A. No, since I have a table that I stand on so that people can see me. I also have a stool that I use to climb onto the table.

A. Is there anything else you need?

A. Because I have a power point presentation that goes along with my speech, I will ask if you have a screen and projector? If you do not, I can bring my own. 

Q. How long is your presentation?

A. My presentation is about 17-20 minutes long. However, I can make my testimony fit whatever time frame works for the event I am speaking at. After I am done giving my testimony, we usually do a Question and Answer time, although I always leave that up to pastors or event organizers to choose if they want to do that.